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pr ceux qui veulent ecouter et/ou decouvrir le jazz, j'ai chopé la liste sur @ , j'ai pas encore eu le tps d'ecouter ... ca viendra :

  1. Adderley Cannonball Something Else Blue Note
  2. Adderley Cannonball+John Coltrane Emarcy
  3. Ammons Gene Boss Tenors Verve
  4. Baker Chet Playboys Pacific Jazz
  5. Blakey Art A Night at Birdland Vol 1 Blue Note
  6. Blakey Art A Night at Birdland Vol 2 Blue Note
  7. Blakey Art Moanin Blue Note
  8. Blakey Art Ugetsu Riverside
  9. Brown Clifford Brow/Roach Inc. Emarcy
  10. Brown Clifford More Study in Brown Emarcy
  11. Brown Clifford Study in Brown Emarcy
  12. Burrell Kenny +John Coltrane Prestige
  13. Chambers Paul Chambers Music Blue Note
  14. Christy June Something Cool Capitol
  15. Christy June The Misty Miss Christy Capitol
  16. Clark Sonny Leaping & Loping Blue Note
  17. Coleman OrnetteThe Shape of Jazz to Come Atlantic
  18. Coltrane John & Johnny Hartman Impulse
  19. Coltrane John A Love Supreme Impulse
  20. Coltrane John Blue Train Blue Note
  21. Coltrane John Giant Steps Atlantic
  22. Coltrane John Mainstream 1958 Savoy
  23. Corea Chick Light as a Feather Verve
  24. Corea Chick Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Blue Note
  25. Davis Miles Cooking Prestige
  26. Davis Miles Kind of Blue Columbia
  27. Davis Miles Milestone Columbia
  28. Davis Miles My Funny Valentine Columbia
  29. Davis Miles Relaxin with Miles Prestige
  30. Davis Miles Round About Midnight Columbia
  31. Davis Miles Seven Steps to Heaven Columbia
  32. Davis Miles Steamin Prestige
  33. Dolphy Eric Out to Lunch Blue Note
  34. Dorham Kenny Una Mas Blue Note
  35. Ellington Duke Money Jungle Blue Note
  36. Ellington Duke Piano in the Foreground Columbia
  37. Ellington Duke Such Sweet Thunder Columbia
  38. Evans Bill Intermodulation Verve
  39. Evans Bill Sunday at the Village Vanguard Blue Note
  40. Evans Bill Undercurrent Blue Note
  41. Evans Bill Waltz for Debby Riverside
  42. Evans Gil The Individualism of Gil Evans Verve
  43. Farlow Tal Autumn in New York Verve
  44. Farmer Art Modern Art Blue Note
  45. Fontana Carl The Great Uptown
  46. Garland Red Groovy Prestige
  47. GarnerErroll Concert  By The Sea Columbia
  48. Getz Stan For Musicians Only Verve
  49. Getz Stan With Bill Evans Verve
  50. Gillespie Dizzie Groovin High Savoy
  51. Gillespie Dizzy Duets Verve
  52. Gillespie Dizzy Sonny Side Up Verve
  53. Giuffre Jimmy The Jimmy Giuffre 3 Atlantic
  54. Gordon Dexter Doing Allright Blue Note
  55. Green Grant  Feeling the Spirit Blue Note
  56. Green Grant Born to be Blue Blue Note
  57. Green Grant Idle Moment Blue Note
  58. Griffin Johnny A Blowing Session Blue Note
  59. Griffin Johnny Introducing Blue Note
  60. Hampton Slide Roots Criss Cross
  61. Hancock Herbie Empyrean Isles Blue Note
  62. Hancock Herbie Maiden Voyage Blue Note
  63. Hancock Herbie The Prisoner Blue Note
  64. Hawkins Coleman Body & Soul RCA
  65. Haynes Roy Out of the Afternoon Impulse
  66. Henderson Joe In & Out Blue Note
  67. Henderson Joe Inner Urge Blue Note
  68. Henderson Joe Lush Life Verve
  69. Henderson Joe Mode for Joe Blue Note
  70. Henderson Joe Page One Blue Note
  71. Herman Woody Keeper of the Flame Capitol
  72. Hubbard Freddie Hub-Tones Blue Note
  73. Hubbard Freddie Open Sesame Blue Note
  74. Hubbard Freddie Ready for Freddie Blue Note
  75. Hubbard Freddie Red Clay Epic/Sony
  76. Hutcherson Bobby Oblique Blue Note
  77. Jackson Milt Meets Wes Riverside
  78. Johnson Jay Jay At the Opera House Verve
  79. Johnson Jay Jay The Eminent, Vol 1 Blue Note
  80. Kenton Stan Duet Capitol
  81. Kirk Roland Rip, Rig & Panic Emarcy
  82. Konitz Lee Subconscious Lee Prestige
  83. Konitz Lee With Warne Marsh Atlantic
  84. Krupa Gene Drummer Man Verve
  85. Lacy Steve Evidence New Jazz
  86. Lewis John Great Ecounter Pacific Jazz
  87. Manne Shelly The Three and the Two Contemporary
  88. McLean Jackie Let Freedom Ring Blue Note
  89. Merrill Helen With Clifford Brown & Gil Evans Emarcy
  90. Mingus Charles Blues & Roots Atlantic
  91. Mingus Charles Mingus Ah Um Columbia
  92. Mitchell Blue The Thing to do Blue Note
  93. Mobley Hank Soul Station Blue Note
  94. Mobley Hank The Turnaround Blue Note
  95. Modern Jazz Quartet Fontessa Atlantic
  96. Monk Thelonious Orchestra at Town Hall Riverside
  97. Monk Thelonious With John Coltrane Jazzland
  98. Montgomery Wes Full House Riverside
  99. Montgomery WesI ncredible Jazz Guitar Riverside
  100. Montgomery Wes Smokin at the Half Note Verve
  101. Morgan Lee Cornbread Blue Note
  102. Morgan Lee The Sidewinder Blue Note
  103. Mulligan Gerry Two of a Mind (+ Paul Desmond) RCA
  104. Nelson Oliver Blues & the Abstract Truth Impulse
  105. O’Day Anita Sings The Winners Verve
  106. Parker Charlie Bird & Diz Verve
  107. Parker CharlieNow is the Time Verve
  108. Parker Charlie/Gillespie Jazz at Massey Hall Debut
  109. Pepper Art + Eleven Contemporary
  110. Pepper Art Today Galaxy
  111. Peterson Oscar Night Train Verve
  112. Powell Bud The Amazing Vol 1 Blue Note
  113. Powell Bud The Genius of Bud Powell Verve
  114. Rollins Sonny + Four Prestige
  115. Rollins Sonny New is Time Blue Note
  116. Rollins Sonny Saxophone Colossus Prestige
  117. Rollins Sonny Tenor Madness Prestige
  118. Rosolino Frank Free For All Specialty
  119. Rouse Charlie Unsung Hero Columbia
  120. Russell George Ezz-Thetics Riverside
  121. Shepp Archie Goin’ Home Steeplechase
  122. Shorter Wayne Speak No Evil Blue Note
  123. Silver Horace & The Jazz Messengers Blue Note
  124. Silver Horace Blowing the Blues Away Blue Note
  125. Silver Horace Cape Verdean Blues Blue Note
  126. Silver Horace Song for my Father Blue Note
  127. Sims Zoot If I’m Lucky Pablo
  128. Smith Jimmy Back at th Chicken Shack Blue Note
  129. Smith Jimmy The Sermon Blue Note
  130. Smith Johnny Moonlight in Vermont Roulette
  131. Stitt Sonny Constellation 32 Jazz
  132. Stitt Sonny Sonny Side Up (+ Sonny Rollins) Verve
  133. Tatum Art Masterpieces (+B Webster) Pablo
  134. Thompson Lucky Lucky Strikes Prestige
  135. Tristano Lennie Tristano Atlantic
  136. Turrentine Stanley Sugar Epic/Sony
  137. Tyner McCoy The Real McCoy Blue Note
  138. Vaughan Sarah Swing Easy Emarcy
  139. Washington Dinah Dinah Jams Emarcy
  140. Webster Ben & Associates Verve
  141. Wilson Nancy With Cannonball Adderley Capitol
  142. Woods Phil Musique du Bois 32 Jazz
  143. Young Larry Unity Blue Note
  144. Young Lester Pres & Teddy Verve
  145. Young Lester The President with Peterson Verve


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